How To Use The Bike Racks

Bike RacksNowadays most of the two wheelers are missing. Though the strict rules and regulations in the country, bike theft is still happening. You can avoid this by using the bike rack. You should fix your bike to the rack which in turn is attached to the ground or any solid material like wall, post etc.
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On those days wheel bender model rack was used, these bike racks protects only one wheel by pushing the wheel into the forked metal piece. But this method was not effective because the thief can remove that wheel easily and stole the bike.
Sheffield rack is in use in recent times. This will be in the form of the square arch made up of thick metallic bar which gives your two wheeler complete security. It can be used in any places like office premises and shopping malls etc. These racks will enhance your bike security with additional lacking system. It is important to know about how to load and unload your bike to these racks.
The first thing you want to do to load your rack is take all the items from your bicycle or bike like the water bottles and other loose items in it. If you are travelling by bus then inform to the bus driver that you are loading the racks. Before the passengers crowd load your bike in the front or curbside. Then squeeze the centre handle to fold the rack lower. Now place your bike into it and ensure the wheel fitted properly into the slots.
Give the prior information about the rack unloading to the driver. Like the loading, unload the bike from the curbside or front door. Pull the support arm away from the wheel, put it downwards and lift your bike out. Place the rack in the right position.
Now you can use the racks in the right manner to protect your bike.