Four Top Digital Piano Options To Consider


Digital piano is different from the traditional piano available in the market. The sound of the digital piano looks like the sound of the real piano, and it has several advanced features based on the model you purchase. You want to choose the digital piano depending on your personal needs, preferences, and uses. You can check the review here for different top branded digital piano models available in the market.

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The advanced features in the digital piano are adjustable sound, headphone units, transposition function and you can connect it directly to the amplifier without using a microphone so that you will enjoy a more customized and convenient experience of playing the piano.

When compared to acoustic pianos, digital piano costs less and portable piano options are available so that it is convenient to travel across the city. Based on your requirement, you can invest in a digital piano that is worth for the price.

Casio CAS PX150 is developed by the top company, Casio and is a top keyboard option. This model uses hammer action technology and has 88 keys. The keys of this digital piano have the full weight as the normal piano. The three sensors used in the keys provide better speed and accuracy when you play the piano.

Yamaha YPG-235 is entirely a portable piano, but it has only 76 keys rather than 88 keys in the traditional piano. The missed key will be a great impact only when you play a composite music using every key otherwise buying this digital piano with less number of keys is not a drawback. The “Performance Assistant Technology” feature in this model will make you know the chord, so it is a good option for beginners.

Korg SP170s is a popular digital piano option, and many people love Korg music. This model has a clean look, and you can feel it when you buy the model. Though the design is very simple, it has ten internal sounds. Some of the voices of this piano are organs, strings, and harpsichord. It comes with a speaker system, and if required you can add chorus and reverb effects. Like the acoustic piano, it has 88 keys.

Williams Legato 88 is the best budget friendly digital piano for any time. If you want to save your budget in piano, then you can choose this. Though it doesn’t offer a stand and other things like other piano options, it is a top rated piano option on most online sites. But the only pitfall is the keys in this model are semi-weighted and not full weighted like the traditional piano. The “Split Mode” feature in this piano allows you split the keyboard into two parts to get two kinds of sounds when played on each side.

Since many top players manufacture digital piano, you must be cautious when buying the piano. If you are a beginner think about buying a used piano, once you improved your playing skill, you can look for the best one.

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